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 Throughout its history the Scouting Movement has been clearly identifiable by its uniform. The public accepts the Scout uniform as a symbol of an organisation with high ideals and certain self-discipline.

With a few minor alterations the original Scout uniform has met the ideas of Scouts around the world and has been universally adopted. Of course, in extreme climates, it has been modified to suit the conditions but on the whole; the different nations in the temperate climates are dressed alike.

All youth members are required to wear a Scout Uniform.

Members will require the following items

  1. Scout Shirt 

  2. Queensland Scarf

  3. Woggle

All can be purchased online from the scout shop

  4. Pants – The official colour is beige (sand or stone) that is worn at official functions and events. Navy blue or black can be worn at sectional nights. These can be purchased at your local retail stores.

As soon as you have purchased the Uniform, your child may start wearing it. The Scarf is not worn until they have be invested into the scouting movement.

Remember to label all the gear with your child’s name.

Badge placement can be found here.

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